19 February 2014

Sunday Adventures

Happenings, Things & Lessons Learned  
  • Things - A selfie I took about being excited for all the snow days that were bound to happen (that did eventually happen) was shared by my community college on ALL their social media sites to tell everyone the campus would be closed because of the snow. I'm famous y'all!
  • Lessons Learned - Snow is fun, and snow days are awesome, but when you miss almost 2 weeks of class because all the roads are closed the make-up homework you have to do is killing. Huge emphasis on "killing".
  • Happenings - They eventually got the main roads cleared and we got to check out Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin covered in snow. It was pretty chill. {photos above}
  • Things - I just made a tumblr. I am not really even sure how to use it but I have one now.
  • Happenings - I went to Winter Jam was last Sunday night and it was cool. definitely not as cool as last year though.
  •  Lessons Learned - The new lead singer is Newsboys is a little weird and if given the chance to see him in concert again I should not accept.
  • Things - My mom is the best. She accidently broke my favorite (and limited edition) Starbucks' travelers mug and to make up for it she surprised me with a new travelers mug that looks like a camera lens.
  • Happenings - I used the mug at school today and a bunch of random people came up to me horrified that I was drinking out of a very expensive camera lens and asked what my problem was.
  • Things - The people who work at the Starbucks on campus now know me as "Hot Water Girl" because I only ever order hot water.


  1. Wow your selfie/typography is goooooood! I hope you've caught up with the work alright, I know how much it sucks :P
    Kimmy x

  2. Can I just take a moment and say how much I love you? xoxo...
    These photos are so good. Definitely pinning the second one.
    You're in my thoughts.


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